Three times in a row in the finals of Alexa Prize

Three times in a row, we compete in the finals of the Alexa Prize competition. Moreover, we placed two times on the second place of this global university competition and won an award of $100k during the Las Vegas re:Invent conference. We have been competing with our social bot Alquist. If you are an owner of an Echo device, you can experience the conversation saying “Alexa lets chat.” Read more here

What is Alquist?

Alquist is the name of the social bot developed by a team of students from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic. Alquist is an advanced Conversational AI bot carrying an entertaining and engaging conversation with humans on popular topics, such as movies, sports, news, etc. The name of our socialbot refers to the theatre play R.U.R. by Karel Čapek, in which the word robot was used for the first time. Read more here

We will help you with your projects!

Alquist is an established set of NLP algorithms conducting thousands of dialogs a day. We are day by day accumulating how humans communicate, what are their preferences, what they like. We have mastered many of the intricate details of conducting smooth, engaging and entertaining dialogs. We have developed different ways how to include the latest interesting or fun facts surfacing on the Internet to dialogs. If you need help with your product let us know. Read more here

Try it now

You can try Alquist by saying  “Alexa, let’s chat.” to your Echo device. You will be connected to one of the three competing chatbots. Alquist is one of them but it needs to stay anonymous.

Alquist supported movie

We have also used the Alquist technology to develop a sample of an interactive movie 'The Story of Alquist'. It is the first movie where you can experience the multimodal interaction. Talk with an AI narrator. Ask any questions to reveal the mystery and conclude the story! It runs in Chrome, it also runs on Android.

Our team

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Most recent tweets

2 months ago
Team #Alquist advanced to the finals of @amazon #AlexaPrize 🏆 2020! 🥳Thank you for your support, mainly @JanSedivy, @eClubPrague, @CIIRCCTU and @CVUTPraha. 🤗
We will do our best during finals in June.
7 months ago
Our #AI must understand very long sentences, which is pretty hard task even for humans. What can we do with it? 😃
We would like to introduce you Ivan. 🙂 He is working on #technology, which will split long sentences and extract the most relevant parts of it. 👍 #alexaprize
8 months ago
Conversational AI like #Alquist is rarely single program. 😮 #AI able to talk about any topic must consists of multiple programs. One program takes care for understanding of sentences, another plans what to say and there is also component which reads daily news. 🧐 #alexaprize

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